Shelly Hayashi

Shelly Hayashi


拠点を現在の香港に移した後はGeneral Storeをオープンさせ、店舗のインテリアデザイン、商品のパッケージデザインからブランドロゴデザインを中心にブランドコンサルタント、ヴィジュアルマーチャンダイズコンサルタントとして香港を中心に活躍中である。

Shelly Hayashi has worked in the retail field for over 18 years in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong and covering a broad range of capacities. Starting in store sales and retail management her career broadened quickly to staff training and building Customer Service and Product Training platforms for retail stores. Moving into the wholesale sector, she worked as International Wholesale Sales and as a Brand Promotion Specialist for American and international department stores.
Since moving to Hong Kong she opened the respected General Store moved into the design field specialising in store, branding and packaging design. She is also working as a Brand Consultant and Visual Merchandise Consultant for other well-known retailers in Hong Kong.


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